Why Us

Why New Life India Fertility Clinic?

High Success Rate

New Life India Fertility Clinic’s highest success rate eventually makes it one of the most trusted IVF clinic in North India. With an unbeatable 80% success rate, we are turning parenthood dreams into reality for thousands of childless couples every year. At New Life India Fertility Clinic, IVF success is also assisted and facilitated by world class most advanced technology that we adopt from time to time to create for our couples a hassle free smooth successful IVF journey. With over 20 years of expertise in IVF services, our doctors work tirelessly to help you plan the best infertility treatment and further leveraging the success rate of IVF and other procedures.

Affordable Programs

One attribute of New Life India Fertility Clinic that we cannot go off focus is empathy with couples who approach us. We ensure we go deep in understanding your requirements, expectations and dreams. Most of the couples, we successfully help become parents, are those who have undergone a great deal of mental and financial struggle due to miscarriages or multiple failed IVFs. Luckily we have solution to solve both for you. At New Life India Fertility Clinic we have specially designed programs which are affordable to help every childless couples live a dream of a complete family.

Professional team and European support

One deciding factor in choosing the best clinic for your infertility treatment is their staff and how committed they are to assist you before, during and after your treatment. At New Life India Fertility Clinic we have professionals excelling in their respective areas of expertise. Each member of New Life India Fertility Family undergoes professional trainings from time to time.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we invite professional European doctors to monitor and assess our clinic. This assessment ensures we are consistently providing exceptional care and meeting or exceeding expectations to keep our success rates high for our families.

Most advanced high end technology

Committed to never settle for less, we work with best technology that exist in infertility. For patients seeking world class treatment, we are one most trusted name. We adhere to most updated protocols in our premises creating an environment where we offer the best fertility programs.

Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programs

New Life India Fertility Clinic Guaranteed Programs have been made possible by our high success rates. With these programs, families can choose an egg donation or surrogacy program that ensures they achieve their dream of parenthood with one investment. These programs are designed to provide a stress- and worry-free fertility solution for every family who comes to us for help. Our goal is to alleviate as much of the emotional, mental, and financial stress as we possibly can. To learn more about our Programs, please contact a New Life India Fertility Clinic representative.