Failed IVF cases

Failed IVF cases

While a failed IVF is stressing, multiple failed IVF cases can completely shatter the couple who undergoes this huge mental and financial stress over and over again. We, at New Life India Fertility Clinic, resonate with such couples to a whole new level of association. It would be cliché to say we understand your completely, because if not us then who will? However, at New Life India Fertility Clinic there is a high degree of understanding established with the patient and such cases are dealt super critically and with our European advisory team of embryologist and doctors.

How we deal with such cases

At New Life India Fertility Clinic, every couple who has undergone failed IVF once or multiple times, is taken on priority. It is very important to understand the patient before we plan anything concrete. When a patient shows trust in New Life India Fertility Clinic, they are automatically a part of our family. There are a series of steps which we follow for Failed IVF cases from other clinics.

  • Face to face consultation with the couple– The senior specialist examines the couple both psychologically and medically. Patient’s history is studied followed by new reports. The specialists dig deeper to evaluate the cause of infertility.
  • On call consultations – Many of our patients receive on call monitoring time to time when we plan their treatment after multiple failed cycles at other clinics.
  • Treatment timeline– Each patient, irrespective of how many times they have undergone an IVF, we prepare a timeline. The timeline is the date wise planning the procedure and medications/injections. Here, an in-depth discussion of the entire process with the couple is established and it is ensured that they understand their treatment.
  • Treatment selection – Sometimes, failed couples are eligible for more than one treatment that can help them become parents. We, at New Life India Fertility Clinic discuss various possibilities, success rate and involved costs with the intended parents and give them the power to plan what suits them the best.

Apart from these preliminaries, our team then sets to work on the actual IVF treatment advised and/or selected. An array of treatment protocols are considered ranging from-

  • Correct egg and sperm selection
  • Medication for improved oocyte and sperm quality
  • Calculated time of embryo transfer
  • Treatment of endometrial thickness or any uterine abnormalities
  • Laser Hatching

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