Fertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation

While egg and sperm freezing were initially intended for those with medical conditions such as cancer, these services are also ideal for anyone who needs or wants to preserve their genetic materials until the time is right to have a child.

Egg and Sperm Freezing Services

Many individuals and families know they want to have biological children, but they also know that they want to wait for the right time before they start their family. It is becoming more common for individuals to have children later in life, once they have achieved success in other areas of their life, such as with their education or careers. However, it is also known that a woman’s fertility declines as she ages, especially after the age of 35, and pregnancies later in life may face complications.
For couples and individuals waiting to start or grow their family because they are not ready now or in the immediate future, New Life India Fertility Clinic offers egg and sperm freezing services. With these services, you can preserve the genetic material of the mother, father, or both to use when the time is right to have a child. Egg freezing works by freezing and preserving the female’s eggs so she will have access to them at a later time once her, or her and her partner’s, aspirations have been achieved.

Fertility Preservation for Medical Conditions

As the medical field advances to treat and overcome medical illnesses, diseases, and conditions, new risks arise that may affect the reproductive function or even cause lifelong sterility. Certain treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, are necessary treatments for certain medical and health conditions, but they may damage the reproductive cells and leave individuals unable to have the child or children they have been dreaming of. 

Egg or sperm freezing services for those with medical conditions means genetic material can be frozen before treatment to keep it safe from harm and preserve it until the individuals have received the medical attention and treatment they need and are ready and capable of having a child. New Life India Fertility Clinic is happy to help these individuals start or grow their families with the assistance of modern medical technology that enables us to offer egg or sperm freezing services.

Success and Risks of Egg Freezing

For women wanting or needing to wait to become pregnant, egg freezing is a highly successful and rewarding solution. When performed by an experienced medical professional, such as those at New Life India Fertility Clinic, the risks of the egg freezing procedure are very low. Most women will not experience any negative side effects from the service, though some women do have symptoms similar to those of their menstrual cycle, such as mild cramping or minor headache. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to please speak with a member of our team and your doctor before the procedure.