Egg Donation

Egg Donation

Egg donation can be an ideal fertility solution for a variety of individuals and couples from different backgrounds and walks of life. When you are ready to start or grow your family with the help of egg donation, New Life India Fertility Clinic’s team is here for you. Our team members are caring, dedicated, and empathetic, and we are committed to your safety and comfort at every step of your journey to parenthood. 

Meet Our Egg Donors

No two families are the same, and so it is normal and natural that every family will have different wants and needs. That is why New Life India Fertility Clinic keeps a large database of local and international egg donors. With access to this database, our team is here to help you find the donor that best fits your family.

We want you to feel confident that you are making the best decision for your growing family, so each of our donors must pass established medical criteria before being accepted into our program as an egg donor.

Our donors are treated with the highest quality care to ensure that you will have a healthy baby at the conclusion of your egg donation program.

Choosing Your Egg Donor

Because choosing your egg donor is one of the most critical choices to make, we take our responsibility of providing healthy candidates very seriously. Every egg donor in our database is healthy, of a young age, and has undergone extensive screening before being added to the database. Most importantly, they are eager and excited to help you start or grow your family, which means you can feel confident that any donor you choose is healthy and capable of carrying a full-term, healthy pregnancy. Screening ensures our donors:

  • Are in good health and free from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Are psychologically healthy
  • Do not smoke or use drugs
  • Have regular periods
  • Understand their role as an egg donor

Our database includes donor profiles for every egg donor. As you are choosing your donor, you can look at these profiles, which provide photos and information such as:

  • A personal biography
  • Education
  • Family and genetic history
  • Health and reproductive history

Exceptional Care for High Success Rates

Egg donors are offering the selfless gift of life to help our families have the babies they have been dreaming of. Because we understand the importance of this gift, we treat all our donors with the utmost respect and provide them with exceptional care. We encourage you to discuss your questions and concerns with us at any time through your egg donation program. We are here for you, ready and eager to help you and your growing family. Our team is also always available to speak with egg donors so they feel comfortable discussing their wants and needs, ensuring we can promote their health, comfort, and safety at every step of the egg donation program. This is part of how we keep our success rates and family satisfaction rates high.