IVF and Covid-19

After the second wave of the so perceived unending virus Covid-19 struck the country, people are packed with numerous questions when it comes to their treatments other than Covid-19. As elective surgeries/procedures/treatment can be scheduled as per your doctor’s directions, it is very crucial to know as to what precautions one must take when planning any treatment and what to avoid in the current times. Although it is invariably advised to keep any sort of travel or outdoor visit minimum and only if unavoidable, yet, it could also be about your ongoing procedure or your planned treatment you were awaiting since long.
At New Life India Fertility Clinic we get several queries whether to postpone the infertility treatment or is it advisable to still go ahead planning a baby with present pandemic conditions? Here the biggest responsibility for us is to advice each visiting couple what exactly is best for them.
We won’t brag about the essential sanitization and safety procedures we carry at New Life India Clinic as it is the protocol each healthcare chain or setup must follow without fail. We are just keeping up with the guidelines, be it be pandemic or no pandemic. But there are certain measures we take to ensure you are in safest hands and can still plan an IVF during the Covid 19 pandemic

1) Limited admissions.
Ever since Covid-19 showed up back in 2020 we as a fertility healthcare service provider, discouraged walk-ins to ensure proper social distancing and better management of visiting couples. On daily basis, patients are requested to take a prior appointment and visit only on a decided date. Being a clinic with the most affordable treatment packages, New Life has always focuses on the patient’s safety and not on volumes we create.

2) Reduced visits
For out stationed clients who trust New Life India Clinic with their treatment, we take on call and video consultations on a planned date and time. In case IVF or any other infertility treatment is suggested we plan the exact number of visits for the patients reducing their unnecessary travel. To keep track of the treatment we create a treatment timeline for every patient. Also, the patient is set free within a few minutes of OPD.

3) Post IVF support
Offering support to those who successfully conceived through IVF or any other infertility procedure has always been a primary inclusion when we associate with a client. We help women carry pregnancies without the need to rush to local gynecologists (excluding cases of emergency) and assist them over calls. This again largely reduces their travel to clinics and hospitals where chances of infection are comparatively higher than specialty clinics.

4) Easy EMIs
Heavy financial stress is undeniable when couples plan an IVF. During Covid, this can be expected to be 3 times more. Don’t worry we keep it all covered. At New Life India Clinic, the packages are lower than the lowest offered elsewhere. This cost can be paid in easy EMIs hassle free.
Above anything else basic sanitization is a daily routine at New Life India Clinic with an unmatchable success rate and a homelike environment.