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Welcome to New Life India Fertility Clinic

New Life India Fertility Clinic is part of the New Life Global Network, a network of nine clinics strategically located throughout the world. Our European clinic is in beautiful New Delhi, where we offer fertility solutions to families needing assistance to have a baby. New Life India Fertility Clinic has been open to Indian families since 2009, and since then, we have helped countless families have the babies they desired. With an 80 percent success rate, families come to us with dreams of parenthood, and we are happy to turn those dreams into love.

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About Our India Clinic

Advanced Modern Technology

Advanced Modern Technology

Advancements in In Vitro Fertilization” (IVF) equipment happen virtually every year, continually improving treatments and enabling us to reach even higher standards in our programs. Under European ownership, New Life India Fertility Clinic is proud to keep up to date with the latest advances as we continually progress and maintain our high success rates.

Highly Qualified Specialists

The entire New Life India Fertility Clinic team is committed to excellence. All the doctors at our clinic received their training or education from reputable European universities and have experience in the fertility field. They are passionate about helping people become families and strive to always have outstanding, reliable results.

Fertility Services

Fertility Services

At New Life India Fertility Clinic, we understand that no two families are the same. Circumstances are different for every person and couple, and so treatments need to be flexible to meet those varying needs. For example, since not every couple will need or benefit from IVF, we offer a range of fertility services in addition to solutions to gynecological problems. We have a solution that can help you have the baby you are dreaming of.

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Surrogacy is often the last hope for many families struggling to overcome their infertility struggles. Surrogacy in India is available only for local, Indian parents-to-be and it must be done altruistically as commercial surrogacy is punishable by law. (Please note that foreigners are currently not legally permitted to enter a surrogacy program in India.) With surrogacy, genetic materials can be used from both the mother and the father, or an egg donor or sperm donor, and the chosen materials will be implanted into the surrogate mother’s womb. Surrogates have all been assessed to ensure they are healthy and capable of carrying a healthy pregnancy to full term.

Customer Satisfaction

Going Above and Beyond Expectation

Nothing is more important to us than the families and the hopes and dreams bring to us. Making the decision to enroll in one of our programs is often a final chance at having a baby, and we are fully devoted to ensuring that no family leaves us without a baby to bring home with them. To consistently improve and exceed expectations, we welcome you to provide us with your feedback. Your experience is important to us, so we want to know how we can better serve you. Please reach out to us at any time with your thoughts, suggestions, or questions