10 Top reasons to choose New Life India Fertility Clinic

For more than a decade now, New Life India Fertility Clinic has helped thousands of couples achieve their parenthood dreams with minimum failure rates and at most effective costs.

Here the top 10 reasons why to New Life can be your ultimate choice of treatment if battling infertility.

  • First consultation advantage– Whether your consultation is online or physical OPD, every patient can ensure a clear answer to their queries by our trained coordinators/consultants. Couples seeking medical assistance in conceiving are pre-examined, followed by a comprehensive report discussion with the IVF consultant (Specialist Doctor). This means that on the first consultation we ensure you maximum advantage reducing your clinical visits.
  • 0 cost consultations – All couples who visit us have one thing in common – They all come with several queries in their mind which have either triggered them or have not been answered in other clinics where they visited before. At New Life, you can always request a free consultation when you visit our specialists. This will include your preliminary examination by the senior specialist, discussion of any previous reports for correct diagnosis.
  • Specialists trained abroad – Specialists at New Life India Fertility Clinic are trained in Assisted Reproductive Technologies and have over 2 decades of expertise in helping couples become parents. It is because of this, that hundreds of couples visit us per month who were once seeking treatment in other clinics but never experienced the same level of care which they were exposed to at New Life India
  • Reduced costs – With well-defined protocols and transparency, couples seeking treatment with us do not have to undergo a heavy load of tests and scans. This is majorly reduced in cases where patients have previous reports that can be considered when they plan an IVF or any other infertility treatment with us. At the same time couples can easily choose the pathology labs from our or their own network of pathology labs and scanning centers.
  • Flexible treatment plans– While most of the clinics offer a fixed or premium cost for an IVF or any other treatment, at New Life we have options for all income levels. Simply fill in a concession request slip at the reception and we will escalate your request for a concession (T &C). For couples who seek value added services, we have them covered as well at our state of art infrastructure and nursing services.
  • Fast track OPD – No patient would prefer a long waiting time for an OPD. However, even though we try to speed up the OPD, we wouldn’t let a patient leave without clarity on his treatment plan with us. Therefore, in several cases the OPD can take slightly longer than the usual. Do not worry, we have solutions for this. The fast track OPD feature will help you plan your OPD with waiting times reduced to minimum.
  • 24×7 support– Our only motto is to get you a pregnancy that you always dreamt of. Even after you have aced pregnancy like a pro we aren’t letting you go. New Life gives you all the freedom where ever you wish to deliver after full tenure pregnancy. However, we are with you in this till very end. At New Life we support you in every step of your pregnancy 24X7.
  • EMI– While various couples can make payments in three easy installments, for others it might be easier to break these installments over a longer time. Swift monthly installment programs strengthen our clients to take up our medical treatments more confidently and worry free.
  • Transparency– Transparency is one most important aspect in medical sector and New Life firmly complies with it. Every case is dealt individually and reports are well studied. A timeline is prepared where the patient learns about the flow of his/her treatment, the medication and the costs.
  • Safety – With surging number of Covid cases and with the outbreak of a new variant almost each year, we ensure our couples are in safe zone. For this, our premises are sanitized with extra frequency to ensure no viruses thrive. No procedures are planned if a patient is Covid positive and patient history is analyzed thoroughly to restrict infection transmission to other patients. The samples are handled with utmost attention. This is one reason why New Life has, till date recorded zero cases of sample mishandling or sample interchange.

NewLife India Fertility Clinic always aims to offer world class services to its visitors. Each staff member has considerable industry exposure and with almost 7 years of expertise. This makes us the most trusted clinic in north India and number 1 in client satisfaction.